March 24, 2023

El Murciélago Vuela en el Cielo de la Noche Sin Fin

So we all know that the Murciélago is on its way out, and with it the V12 that’s been with the company for the last forty seven years is also on its way out too. This saddens me because the first car I was truly in love with had the twelve cylinder Bizzarrini mill shoved in the middle of it. It was the Diablo, and I unfortunately don’t have a good picture of one. I do, however, have a couple good photos of the next Lamborghini to house the legendary motor.

It was a few years ago, Trent and I were in California, and we were at a place we felt somewhat out of place in. It was the Crystal Cove Car Show and, naturally, we were wandering about with our mouths agape. The Haus of Pizza Ferrari club was out in force. Notably the Haus of Pizza F40 was there. But this post isn’t about Ferrari’s, I’ll have a post dedicated to the cars from the scuderia later. This post is about this:

Lamborghini Murcielago

There, parked next to a humble little Suzuki Cappuccino, was a magnificent blue Murciélago. It was beautiful. It was everything I loved about the brand: beautiful styling, an amazing V12, a stance that if it hit you at speed would cut you off at the knees. I stared at it for far too long. So long in fact that I almost missed this shot:

Yes, it’s a DIFFERENT Murciélago next to a Diablo at a stop light. If memory serves me right, and it probably doesn’t, they were revving at each other. It was a symphony, twenty-four Italian cylinders screaming at each other. It was brilliant.

So that’s my story about my only encounter with the departing super car. Do you have one you want to share? We’re all ears.

-Michael Chandler

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