February 2, 2023

Lap Battle and HPDE Group 3

Great news!  This past weekend had a gaggle of stuff going on at Miller Motorsports Park!  Sad news.  If you want to see the photos, you’re gonna have to look at them on our Facebook page.  You already spend more time on Facebook than you do working while at work, so really this is just a heads up.  Anyway, on to the stories from the day!

Brendon and his Evo were there, but his head gasket wasn’t.  At least it isn’t a mystery problem.

JDP Motorsports brought out their Camaro, and proceeded to place 1st in their class.  It does better on the West course, like all higher power cars do; however, it still looked right at home on the East course.

Super fan Sally was out, making hand gestures and generally being quick.

Max brought out the Evo, and reached into his growing bag of skills and laid down some seriously quick times.

Porsche’s natural enemy is Corvette, but Mustangs can be just as formidable.

This is normally where I stick the gallery, but due to technical issues (umm…  Yeah…) you’re going to have to go to the Facebook page and look at the album to see all 55 photos.  Sorry folks, but it’s not like you’re actually working.

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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