February 2, 2023

Lap Battle! April 21

Twas a busy weekend at Miller: bikes were racing on the west course, karts were running and Lap Battle and NASA racing/HPDE were happening on the east course.  I was running around, dealing with the latter as best I could.  Lret’s talk about Lap Battle now, then after lunch (but before you go home from work) we’ll talk about the NASA stuff.  Deal?


Zane didn’t make it out this weekend, but it was ok because there was another insanely fast car running around: a 996 911 Cup car.  It proceeded to dominate.

That little red Cobalt you see?  From what I hear it’s running 20lbs of boost and was keeping pace with Shawn’s beast.  Speaking of Shawn…

He had a leak in his water/meth system.  This was a problem that resulted in a good quote (“Where can I buy some meth?”) and an ingenious solution: top off the tank with water and run race gas.  It worked, and Shawn ran well.

A Craftsman Truck Series-esqe truck showed up for a little bit, but then it decided it didn’t want to run anymore and initiated its self destruct sequence.  That brought the session to an end.

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-Michael Chandler

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