November 27, 2022

Lap Battle July 28 Time Attack was out and running about seventeen seconds slower than the NASA race groups, but it was to be expected.  They also were running with HPDE Group 3, which was interesting.

Sally was excited to get out there!  Especially AFTER she got her hands on some slightly used tires to replace the new tires that she won.  Her beau Shawn wasn’t in much better shape, he was having boost issues and was essentially running on wastegate pressure.  That issue allowed Max, the guy in the silver Evo, to take make it past Shawn.

The Stock vehicles were out, and were cleaning up.  The S10 was hitting the corners pretty hard, and the Charger was expressing its dominance pretty much everywhere.

The JDM Legends/Solid Autoworks/Rally Sport Direct WRX was out, and again was having its issues. Last month it was bending brake pads, this time it was having a hard time keeping hoses clamped on.  Could be worse, that black Viper ended up sounding like an old tractor by the end of the day. But that wasn’t the worst outcome.

Allan, owner of everyone’s favorite yellow Datsun 510, broke his AE86 Corolla!  Miraculously he pulled off track right in front of me.  He wasn’t too thrilled about the situation, but he wasn’t exactly devastated by it either.

It was another solid event put on by Matt, Biggie and everyone else.  Next month (August) they will be racing on the 18th on the West Course, so come out and see some big speeds or register yourself and get out there for yourself.

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Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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