November 27, 2022

Lap Battle Round 4

Another oppressively hot warm Saturday meant the NASA Utah guys were hosting the monthly Lap Battle/HPDE/Racing sessions.  We’ll discuss the Racing in a couple of days, today is all about Lap Battle and HPDE.

The big news, other than the first Lap Battle session not getting timed due to transponder issues, involved two long awaited cars: Park’s all black C5 Corvette and the return of Brendon’s Evo. Last year Park was running around in one of the FR500S Mustangs, but now he has a very evil looking (and sounding) Vette. Brendon lost his brakes during a Lap Battle session last year, and put his orange Evo into the tire wall.  The Evo was busted, but not gone!

HPDE brought out a mess of Corvettes (including a C6 ZR1), a brave soul in a Jetta 2.5 SE, and a handful of Mustangs.

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We haven’t seen one of the Subie-yota twins take to the track, but we have seen them there.  We’ve also seen them doing…well, whatever this is:

We’ll see you track rats in a little over three weeks for the next event!

Words and photos by Michael Chandler, video by Trent Bray

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