March 23, 2023
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Lap Battle Round 4

The weekend of July 16 marked the 4th round for the Time Attack series at Miller Motorsports Park.  And it was an interesting weekend all around.  How interesting was it?  Well find out after the jump!

There was only 1 entrant in the Street AWD class, and he broke his car. Despite that, he won his class.

Brody Hamblin brought out his white WRX (which was featured on the cover of a certain magazine a few months back) and raced it in the Race AWD class. It was running on low boost and pig rich, but he soldiered on.

Jason Smith, of Innovative Garage, took time out of his busy schedule (which includes crewing on a Grand Am Series team) to race in the Race FWD class.  He won the class in somebody else’s car.

Speaking of RFWD: Micah Blauvelt, owner of the red K20 powered Civic hatchback, did some unintentional on track suspension adjustments.  He hit the curbing too hard which caused his coilover sleeves to jump the perch on his Bilstein shocks.  This resulted in quite the stance, but not the performance it once had. Despite that (and almost running out of gas) he finished on the podium.

For more info on who won and how to get out there yourself go to But for now, enjoy some pictures

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Photos and Words by Michael Chandler


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  1. Any possibility of getting copies of the pics of my 510? Those are the best I have seen of me on track…


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