February 2, 2023

Lap Battle Time Attack: August 20

Time Attack Toyota MR-SThe LapBattle.Com Time Attack Series returned to Miller Motorsports Park this weekend and it was filled with thrills. It was another eventful weekend out at Miller Motorsports Park.

There was the first vehicle on vehicle wreck. Jason Smith, of Innovative Garage and one of our sponsored drivers, collided with Sally McNulty, who came down and was driving in her blue Hawkeye WRX, after she lost control. Everyone was fine, and Sally put her car back together and went back out for the following sessions. She was a trooper!

Other notes:

Zane Miller brought out his STi swapped 2.5RS coupe. It was very quick and loud.

Hands down the quickest car was an orange Evo with a sock monkey tied to one of the supports for its spoiler.

4 M3’s were running: an E92 coupe, an E92 sedan, an E46 coupe and an E36 coupe. There was also an E36 sedan running around, but I can’t remember if it was an M3. Either way, the Bavarian machines made their presence felt.

Normally Mike is the one to cover these events as I always tend to be out of town on the weekend that this happens, but this time I was fortunate enough to come see the event again and record some video. Check it out the pics and video below.

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Lap Battle Time Attack Series 08/20/11 from CAMautoMag on Vimeo.

Words and Photos by Trent Bray and Michael Chandler, Video by Trent Bray

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