January 17, 2021

LapBattle.com Time Attack Round 8

Another year of LapBattle.com’s Time Attack series is in the books!  The season ended on a high note by tackling the outer loop of Miller Motorsports Park and by seeing some very exotic cars participate: two Audi R8’s and one Lamborghini Gallardo.

Nobody loses, but not everyone gets a trophy or a gift certificate.  To that end, here are the people who won a trophy and/or gift certificates!

RACE AWD: 1st place, Zane Miller; 2nd place Roger Miller; 3rd place Shawn Murphy

RACE FWD: 1st place, Rhett Painter; 2nd place Alex Pasquin

RACE RWD: 1st place, Elias Harik; 2nd place, Alan Anderson

STREET FWD: 1st place, Gordon Anderson

STREET RWD: 1st place, Brett Miller; 2nd place Jeb Brown

Congratulations to everyone who ran this year.  It has had its ups and downs, but all in all it was a good time.  For details on how you can get in on a piece of the action go to LapBattle.com, and for 71 photo of said action just scroll down a little bit.

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Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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