December 4, 2022

Letter from the Photo Director: September

Where The Cool Kids Are

The other day I went to a track day at the local road course to shoot some photos. I made the decision to trek around the track in the heat and sun months ago. I was excited and was looking forward to seeing some friends and some cars. It was going to be another awesome day out on the road course, but then I heard something interesting…(click ‘Continue Reading’ below)

The drag strip, the one that everyone goes to watch everyone else race, opened itself up for a test and tune session the same day (and time) as the road course track day. Naturally, most everyone who said they were going to be at the road course elected to go to the drag strip instead. One person even said of the track day “None of the cool kids are gonna be there.” That statement got me thinking about the great existential question: what is “cool”?

We here at C.A.M. don’t discriminate against any type of modified car, but we do have our opinions. We are human after all. I, for one, am not a huge fan of drag racing. I’ve watched it, I understand it, but I’m not a fan of it. Road racing, drifting, rallying, even NASCAR ranks higher than ye olde ¼ mile in my hierarchy. I don’t see why people would rather watch racing in four to seventeen second increments instead of minutes, or hours, of wheel to wheel racing. I’m not saying I despise it or anything like that; however, if given the choice or road course spectating or drag strip spectating then I’m gonna pick a turn and hang out there for a while.

Think I’m a wrongfully informed individual? A misguided fool? A jackass who doesn’t know his rear end from a hole in the ground? Well, send us a letter in the mailbag (mailbag[at] and try to make me see the light. Best argument wins a four pack of an energy drink and a couple of C.A.M. stickers

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