September 25, 2022

Letters From a Dying Child* – Ford

Dear Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan,

My name is Michael Chandler. I am sixteen years old, and I am dying. It is my dying wish to take a new F-150 SVT Raptor out for a ride. Preferably unsupervised.

My quick, and untimely, transition into death would be greatly eased if I was allowed to take your off-road monster on a quick blast through the Mojave desert. The roar of the V8 would take my mind off of the terrible disease that will most likely take me before my next birthday. What disease? Umm… Let’s get back to the truck.

The idea of this truck is egregious: a Baja racer that can be bought from the same dealership mom bought her Taurus from years ago, with a full warranty? And Fox Racing shocks? That makes it cool. What makes it awesome is the fact that you can blast across terrain LIKE A BAJA RACER. Anyone can hop in and drive like a lunatic. You aren’t actually saying “Go, crack 100mph on dirt” but you making this vehicle is like saying it. And it’s awesome.

So please Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan, allow me to drive a SVT Raptor pick up across the desert like a man on a mission. That mission to have as much fun as a dying child in an insane truck can… And maybe steal a truck and disappear to Mexico.


Michael Chandler

Dictated but not read
Michael is not actually dying BTW, nor is he 16. *Article and Photos are copyright of CAMAutoMag.Com and their respective owners. Images and words may not be re-posted, re-distributed, modified, or copied without expressed written consent from CAMAutoMag.Com