February 2, 2023

Midnight Drags 09/07

LS1 Turbo FC Mazda RX-7

We are motorsports fortunate in Utah. We have a world-class racing facility at Miller Motorsports Park as well as an off-road, motorcross, and rock-crawling course out there. Parking lots are full of auto-x on the weekends, and Rocky Mountain Raceway hosts the midnight drags on their 1/4 mile track. It’s always great having somewhere to go to test out your car. All of this is within 1 hour of Salt Lake City too.

Turbo LS1

Well it had been some time since we’d been out to the drag strip to see some of that action, and with one of our friend’s customer’s car running out there, we figured we’d make the trip. I brought a camera and lens with me to show the way.

White and Black Evo drag race

The last time I was at the drag strip, it was littered with Subaru’s, my old STi included. It seems to have switched to the Evo crowd. There were plenty of them. Of course, the usual Mustang and Camaro combo came out to show everyone what can be done for relatively cheap.Fox Body drag race8.8 second 1/4-mile Mustang

I was impressed by some of the vehicles, and also surprised to only see one 10-second Honda Civic. Utah has more than a few of them, but they must have been busy that night. Also surprising, no less than 4 Dodge Vipers showed up. I haven’t seen that many together in some time.VIper and Mustang drag race

Unfortunately we realized the fun we were missing out on at the end of the season, so expect more from the drag strip next year.

RMR midnight drags700HP Mitsubishi Evodrag race Evo

Photos by Trent Bray and Michael Chandler.  Words by Trent Bray

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