March 23, 2023

MMP Lap Battle!

After the MPRA run groups were done the track was turned over to the Time Attack Series.¬†Another local series, this time organized by and just hosted at Miller Motorsports Park. Click “continue reading” to learn more about Lap Battle, and see some photos of the event.

There is no license required, other than a driver’s license.¬†There are 2 classes, Race and Street, which are divided into sub classes by the competing vehicles driven wheels (front wheel, rear wheel or all wheel). Lap Battle is another great way to get out on a real track and push your car and your driving skills.

Now, despite what it looks like in the photos, it’s not a wheel to wheel series like MPRA. It’s a time attack event where you go out and try to set a fast lap time.

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Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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