February 6, 2023

MPRA Fall Enduro

Miller Motorsports Park Racing

The last MPRA race of the season was a 3 hour endurance race with a mandatory 5 minute pit stop and driver change!  It was also on the outer loop, which yields some of the highest speeds!  AND the big bore and small bore run groups would be on the track AT THE SAME TIME!!!  The combination of outer loop and 180 minutes of door to door racing led to situations like the on depicted above, and also brought out some big guns: The white and gray Magnus Racing 997, Lux Performance’s Dodge Viper ACRX and Roger Miller’s Boss 302R Grand Am car were all out there fighting for the win!

In the end it came down to who had the better Porsche, and the Magnus Racing team out dueled the home town favorites the Snows for the overall win.  But there were no losers…aside from those who didn’t actually win their class, because the racers battled for a solid 180 minutes providing entertainment for all!  Now please enjoy the massive 124 photo gallery and come out next year!

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Words and Photos by Michael Chandler
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