February 6, 2023

Miller Park Racing Association Round 3

It was a busy weekend at Miller Motorsports Park!  There was drifting, Lap Battle and round 3 of the MPRA season.  A photo gallery waits for you after the jump.

MPRA is the racing series hosted by Miller Motorsports Park.  It’s a great way to leap into wheel to wheel racing. There are 12 classes (including Spec Miata, Thunder Roadsters and Open Wheel), which are then split into 3 run groups (big bore, small bore and open wheel/sports racer). You do have to get your MPRA license before participating, and your car has to meet their safety requirements, but after that you’re free and clear to run in the series!

Out there you’ll see Porsche 911 GT3’s racing against Mustangs and Corvettes, Miatas of every color duking it out, and open wheel racers that look like scaled down F1 cars. It’s serious racing for a seriously cheap ticket price: $6 per day.

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Photos and Words by Michael Chandler

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