November 27, 2022

MPRA Round 4

Mustang in garageJuly 16th was round 4 of the MPRA race season. Everyone brought out their A game that day, and sometimes it got a little heated…

Some notes: The pink and white Porsche 911 was putting laps on people. She was actually putting people multiple laps down in a session.  It was insane.

Tom Felt, the black S2000, and Randy Gibb, the black RSX, kind of got into it on the last turn during the last session. They shook hands after the session, and called it good.

Kris McCoy, the camo RSX, cracked his block during the last session due to the heat. The weather service said it was 95 degrees, which meant the on track temps were almost unbearable.

Back to Randy, he is sporting stickers! We are excited to be associated with a racer of his caliber and a guy as nice as he is.

And now here’s the gallery you’ve been waiting for:

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Photos by Michael Chandler


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