February 2, 2023

MPRA 2011 Round 6

We’re 6 rounds in to the 2011 MPRA season, but just because it’s getting cooler outside doesn’t mean the drivers are taking it easy.

First things first: our man on the track, Randy Gibb, had a bad wheel bearing and some bad tires. He changed the tires, left the wheel bearing and was forced to start from the back of the pack. Thankfully, he rules and pulled out a 3rd place finish in the GT3 class. Second went to Tom Felt in his S2000, and first went to Byron Smith in his 4 door E92 3-series.

Mustang Challenge shook out with John Scarlett taking first in his SharkSavers.org FR500S, Chris Vivolo in his silver and black Hampton Inn sponsored machine, and Park Beutler took 3rd.

The Super Sports class (the one with all the Porsche’s) ended with Mike Zuieback in his silver, red, and blue Air Power Racing car in first; followed by Al Tiley in the black and yellow 996 (which was looking good all day) taking second; and Mark Brouse in the white, black and red APR 996.

Complete results (Spec Miata, open wheel, whatever the rasta MR-S was running in) can be found here.  And now on to the pictures!  Please be patient while the 65 image gallery loads.

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Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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