September 25, 2022

NASA Racing and HPDE

Twas a busy wekend at Miller.  The Euro SL,UT fest was going on in the paddock, drifting eventually got going later in the day, and on the main stage (all four and a half miles of it) were your NASA Race groups, HPDE and Time Attack sessions.  The fields for the NASA race groups were stacked and rather competitive.

Open wheel featured a deeper field, which skewed toward more action which was nice.

HPDE Groups 1 & 2 featured a nice diversity.  A Factory Five Racing Mk4 Roadster shared the track with the former COBB Tuning Time Attack R35 GT-R (the car now belongs to a Race Co. customer who also owns another R35 GT-R), a pair of C6 Corvettes and a 993 911.

Race Groups 1 & 2 were lumped together, which meant the Porshces and Corvettes would encounter traffic made up of Miatas and one EF Civic hatchback.  This didn’t stop the pink and white Snow Porsche from turning three minute laps.  Also of note: George Smith annihilated his right front tire and fender well in the morning session, which forced him to fabricate a new fender well before the heat race.

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Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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