February 6, 2023

NASA Racing and HPDE

In addition to the NASA sanctioned racing going on (which brought out all of the Snows and Magnus Racing’s 996 911 Cup car) they also threw a little HPDE session which brought out it’s own awesome collection of vehicles: an NA1 NSX, R35 GTR, STi swapped GC Impreza, and a pair of Mustang Cobras.

The HPDE group quickly made way for the NASA race groups, which dispatched with the pleasantries and got down to racing.  Now, a quick aside about Martin Snow’s Porsche (the white and blue one) and the Magnus car: from what I’ve heard they aren’t elligible to compete for points.  Technically they qualified first and second, but as far as the actual points race went first place qualifier was Madison Snow, then Melanie, then George Smith in the yellow C5 Corvette.  That didn’t stop the non-qualifiers from turning fast laps.

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-Michael Chandler

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