26th May2017

NASA Utah 2017 Round 3: Going Back West

by Michael Chandler

It was quite the weekend at Utah Motorsports Campus: Bikes on the East track, SCCA Auto-X in the West Paddock, and the Lantern Festival on Saturday packed the facility.  On the West track, the NASA Utah drivers plied their skills in pursuit of shiny new medals.  Let’s start in a place that normally gets mixed into the Thunder Group: Spec Z

Spec Z was so massive that it was split into its own race group for Saturday.  In the day’s Zeus race (cause the other race groups are Thunder and Lightning!  Get it?!?), Arthur Golebiowski harnessed the magic of the old country (this month’s old country: Poland), and collected himself another win in an extremely exciting race that could’ve easily gone to Tom Kaminski or Chad Aalders.  Sunday saw the Z’s back in the Thunder group, and Cole “Not Kyle” Powelson of Lyfe Motorsport took home that win.

Normally we’d be starting the TT results with a TT1 car.  Well, ol Shawn Murphy got himself supersized to TT1.  He was unfairly fast, running a 1:32.934 in TT1 on Saturday and 1:33.968 on Sunday.  In TT2 he threw down a 1:46.208 on Sunday (where he was the only TT2 competitor) and a staggering 1:32.329 on Saturday!  Since I feel weird complimenting Shawn for this long, here are the next fastest TT1 guys: David Gilliland (1:36.861 on Saturday) and Jordan Priestley (1:36.192 on Sunday)

David Nadler took the TT3 win on Saturday (1:45.577), but couldn’t repeat on Sunday.  Tyler Mikesell ran a 1:43.024 on Sunday for the win in  class.

Pithon Racing, in their shiny red Lotus, grabbed the TT4 victory on Saturday with a 1:40.463.  Not to be outdone, Nam Yoon and his S2000 laid down a 1:38.660 for the win on Sunday.

One man TTC band John Butcher ran a 1:46.536 on Saturday.  I have one word for this, and it is: adorable.

Trever “With An E” Pope and his BRZ took the TTD win on Saturday (1:48.270).  Eduardo Acurero, in his confetti CRX, took the win on Sunday (1:45.331).

Paul “Shockingly Reliable” Mitchell, with Todd Green at the helm, took home both TTE wins, the times being 1:45.497 and 1:45.934.

Despite having a semi-functioning Evo, Brendon Stewart hopped into the Makes & Models Huracan for a TT session.  His one session, the last of the day (not in the middle of it, Jose!) got hime the TTU win (1:30.726).  David Lockwood was atop a surprisingly deep field on Sunday (1:33.328).

Tom Rogers was alone in GTS2, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t racing anyone.  On Saturday he and Todd Green battled it out, and on Sunday he found himself in the middle of the three-way Thunder Roadster battle!  Imagine if he wasn’t alone in class.  It would’ve been crazy.

Darren Jorgensen pulled double duty, racing his 1M in GTS3 in Lightning, and his M4 in GTS5 in Thunder.  He, like Tom Rogers, was alone in class in his diminutive BMW.  Unlike Tom, he ran away from the field.

The Duffman cometh!  Troy Duffin and his 510 were alone in PTD, so someone build a car of similar vintage to race against him.  We need more awesome, old cars out there!

Todd Green in this clapped out POS Paul Mitchell harassed Tom Rogers, and many other drivers, but nobody in PTE.  For he was alone in class.

Andy Moench, and his purdy rookie stripe, took the win in Saturday’s Spec Miata race.  His luck wouldn’t hold out, as Joe Schubert won Sunday’s race.

I really hope you have a McDonald’s sponsorship Blake.  Otherwise that livery is going to look really silly at some point in the future.  Blake took both of the weekend’s ST4 races.

JD Stull managed to hold off Joe Sim, but only just barely, for the Thunder Roadster wins.  Sunday’s race was one of the best I’ve seen out there, and I’ve seen some rippers.

Could another Troester in a different FR Porsche get another class win?  Judging by the picture: no.  Perry Needham (mmmm… ham….) held off Greg Torester over the weekend, for the 944 Spec wins.

Darren Jorgensen is alone in two classes!  Someone, anyone: go buy the comparative Mercedes or Audi!  Challenge Darren for GTS5 supremacy!

George Smith managed to overcome some issues with the car, and took the top spot on the ST1 podium on Saturday.  Frank “the tank” Gannett drove the little Ginetta to a class win on Sunday.

Saturday’s ST2 race was a hard fought battle between Brendon Stewart and Toby Crawford.  Despite not having 4th gear, and still having fueling issues, Brendon managed to get around Toby and climb to the top of the podium.  Sunday saw Toby putting a lap on Brendon, winning in dominant fashion.

ST3 is the class dominated by Mustangs, and is also the one where the season champ will win a Friday test day in one of the Ford Performance Racing School’s BOSS Mustangs.  Steve Burns, unsurprisingly in a Mustang, swept the weekend.

Super Unlimited saw Paul Terry beating out Les Long for the win on Saturday, and Les partying by himself for the win on Sunday.

Derek Wolthoff, in the Makes & Models Huracan Super Trofeo, held off Jeff Burton in the DXDT Racing Huracan Super Trofeo for Saturday’s GTSU win.  On Sunday he battled with Al Tiley, in his Air Power Racing prepped 911 GT3R, and claimed another win.

And there it is!  Another weekend in the books.  The next NASA Weekend is June 9-11, and the driving will be done on the East course.  Come out!  East is a great track to spectate.  We’ll be there, and we love seeing new faces out there.

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