November 27, 2022

NASA Utah Round 2


Normally we have some sort of weather by this time in the NASA season, but this past round had nothing but nice weather. We also had some utter chaos on Saturday, which was something interesting to see from my vantage point in on the inside of turn one.

After the drop of the green, Perry and Derek battled through turn 1. As you can see, the most dramatic thing was Perry’s new car shooting fire out the tailpipe. Nothing crazy, but still cool.

AND THEN IT SUDDENLY WASN’T COOL. Going into one David Harper put the nose of his new GT3 Cup MR into the back of David Bradshaw’s GT3 Cup car. This got Bradshaw loose, and sent him into the black #63 Porsche of Chris Haunold. ALL THAT got Gerry Shear in the #33 Air Power Porsche and Chris Gibson in the #81 M3 off track (Gerry on the outside, which led him to spin, Chris to the inside), and led to a full course yellow. Both Chris and Gerry continued.

These dudes were not happy

Because of reasons, the safety car came out. And after a few laps, the race got back underway! At some point between the first green flag and the final checkered, Harper made contact with Haunold in the Attitudes. Harper continued on to take the SU win, and Haunold retired.

Don’t worry, everyone made it back out for Sunday.

4 Door Race Car

In lighter news, the hero we need came back out.

The Battle Mini was back together, and out turning some laps.

And Eduardo came out to show off his hardware, and hustle his CRX.

My Sunday was spent taking photos like this: Tyler Brown concentrating really hard during the application of a Toyo Tire vinyl.

Sarah Morrison watching her dad battle for third place in Sunday’s Spec Miata race

Toby and Lisa’s new car.

And one of the many looks of Andy Moench.


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