18th Sep2017

NASA Utah Round 7 Write-Up

by Michael Chandler

There was no way I was going to just let you have the gallery without any sort of context to the pictures.  You knew it, I knew it, that judgmental cat in your neighborhood knew it, everybody did.  So, in addition to telling you who won what, I’ll also tell you some fun stories from the weekend.  And we start with me, because my tales are short and one of them is humorous.  First, my phone died right after I posted the second Instagram video on Saturday.  That was fun.  Shortly thereafter I tripped over the concrete blocks in pit lane.  It wasn’t just a stumble, my legs flew out from under me and I taco’d myself on the block.  Saved the camera though!  All of this happened in front of Les Long, of Air Power Racing.  He didn’t come over to see if I was ok, or even ask.  No, after I gave a visual indication that I was alright, he said “SAFE” and gave me the safe sign.  I appreciate that he did that instead of asking if I was ok, because I guarantee you my fall looked hilarious.   Anyway, I have a new phone and I’m over the fall.  Now, on to race car things!

We had a new BOSS 302 Mustang out on track!  Not being one of the “slow school Mustangs”, this was a privateer effort.  Dane Jorgenson beat out David Bradshaw for the weekend sweep of ST1.  The car is sponsored by Bob Smith Ford, but I just started calling the car, Dane, and the rest of his team “Bob Smithford”.  Congratulations Bob Smithford!

ST2 was a battle of panda Evos.  Yes, two almost identical looking cars were competing in the same class: Brendon Stewart’s stalwart Evo 9 (or 8, whatever) duked it out with rookie Jason Harward.  Brendon, despite having a bent shock tube, established his dominance in the weird, and frankly scary, Evo subculture.  One of you needs to paint your car before next season, or else I’m gonna get rowdy with a few cans of Krylon.  

Speaking of Evos and weird subcultures: the Evo Bros were back in town!  They were here a few events ago, getting some time in with their Evo before they went to the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.  They came back, after having the same kind of hill climb a lot of other people did: the kind where you sit and wait.  Anyway, here’s a gallery of their car in the paddock:

DXDT has a car for sale, for those interested.

Here are the Thunder group results from the weekend that have yet to be mentioned:


Daren Jorgenson on Saturday, and Darrell Troester on Sunday



Davis Warnock on Saturday, and David Lockwood (WHO HAS A LIVERY ON HIS NEW CAR!) on Sunday.


Us Against One Racing, featuring Todd Ainsworth and not Todd Ainsworth.

Super Unlimited

Greg Warnock.  And now on to something different, but similar.

Spec Z was interesting for many, many reasons.  Starting with Jan Gerday, who was mixing it up in the back of the pack on Saturday!  Yes, she was fighting with rookies Corey Brand and Sammer Kattan, and getting really spicy with it.  It was a lot of fun to watch!  Unfortunately she couldn’t keep them behind her, but I’ll be damned if she wasn’t giving it her all.

Arthur took home both wins, which puts him 42 points ahead of Tom Kaminski for the championship.  There are two races left, the Tresduro weekend, but I’m confident in giving Arthur another championship.  Anything could happen, but still.  And speaking of things that could happen, we’re down two Z’s now.  Here’s what happened:

At the beginning of Saturday’s race, there was some bumping.  Tom bumped into Chad Aalders going into turn 1.  No big deal, it happens.  Then he bumped into him again, which is where the problem started.  Chad’s car snapped sideways and was being pushed along by Tom.  Chad’s car gripped up, Tom leapt over him (literally.  One of Arthur’s GoPros caught the whole game of leap frog), and Chad’s car went shooting across the track.  Right into the path of Kirk Jellum, who was going to shoot a gap that had appeared in front of him.

There was nothing Kirk could do.  He broad sided Chad, sending both of them off track and out of the race.  Kirk’s car is down for the count, and his new tires are dead.  When it rains, it pours.  

Chad’s car is 1000% done for.  The cage did its job, and absorbed a lot of the impact, so much so that the passenger door bars cracked apart.  The whole chassis is also twisted now.  Thankfully, BOTH of them walked away from the weekend.  Hell, I talked to Kirk in the paddock.  It absolutely sucks to see something like this happen, but thankfully these cars are built to such high safety standards so we’ll be able to see our friends race again.  

BUT HOLD ON! That was just Saturday!  There was a whole ridiculous race happening on Sunday!  Richard Fitzgerald retired because power steering is for the weak.  Damn near everyone put tires off, in the case of Mike Kresser all of the tires, and Arthur won again.  It was all sorts of ridiculous, and fun to watch.  AND THERE’S ON MORE RACE WEEKEND ON THE CALENDAR!  

How do you make racing more ridiculous?  Make things smaller, and remove body panels.  That’s how Thunder Roadster does it, and it’s been ridiculous racing all season long.  This weekend saw Jihn Han doing his best to show JD Stull his rookie stripe.  Jihn was not going to let JD have an easy pass, especially at turn 5.  JD would have a good run, but Jihn would go all Leeroy Jenkins and just go into the turn with gun ablaze.  Jihn held off JD, earning a win and some hero points for the way he did it.

Rearden swept GTS3.  And none of the drivers repeated their finishing positions.  Saturday had Daren in first, seen here trying to eat his medal, Robert “Honeybear” Coneybear in second, and Steve “Zeppo” Marx in third.  On Sunday it was Daren in third, Steve in second, and Laura Tallman, the head of the Rearden beast, in first.

And here are the rest of the winners from the Lightning group:


Ed Mineau

Spec Miata

Matt Williamson swept the weekend.

Super Touring 4

Tom Rodgers beat some Miatas, his arch-nemesis (Blake Troester), and a very old 911 for the weekend’s sweep.

944 Spec

Perry Needham and Ol’ Red (I’ll come up with a better nickname) were the best of all the other identically preparred Porsche 944s.

Before we dive into TT, we need to talk about Chris Karlin’s BMW.  As you can clearly see, it is spewing A LOT of black smoke.  No, I’m not mentioning him specifically because he ruined everybody’s day by driving a flaming wreck around the track.  Not at all.  I’m mentioning him because he brought his modified 335d out for some hot laps.  Yes, it is a diesel.  Yes, it was making enough torque to yank a few stumps or drag some Miatas around.  Yes, it belched black smoke several times during a lap.  It was AMAZING.  And now on to some people who are… WAIT!

Shout out to Scott Michael Chamberlain, friend of the program, has graduated from the HPDE program!  He’ll be running TT next month.  Ok, that sets up a better transition to the TT stuff.

David Curtis, aka Baby Driver, who was having an existential crisis while watching a replay of Formula Drift Pro 2’s final round (it was really bad.  The driving, not the crisis.  That was hilarious), got himself a win on the weekend!  Yup, he won TTD on Sunday.  

This guy won himself a gold medal for his TTU efforts on Saturday.  I don’t really have much for this, I just really wanted to use this photo of Mike.

And now your winners


Rhett Panter on Saturday, and David Bradshaw on Sunday.


Colton Cisneros and his big ass diffuser took both wins.


The reformer John Calvin on Saturday, and Geoffrey Crockett on Sunday.


Pithon Racing on Saturday, and slow ass Mike Bratsch on Sunday.


The one and only John Butcher!


Trever Pope on Saturday, and Baby Driver on Sunday


This fuckin wise-acre on both days.


Mike Kresser on Saturday, and the dad from Calvin and Hobbes (David Lockwood) on Sunday.

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