January 24, 2021

New $1000 Car

Gary Cohn, economic adviser to the President and man worth $266 million dollars thanks to running Goldman-Sachs, was very adamant about what the average American can do with the $1000 windfall the proposed tax reform plan will net people.  He said they could renovate their kitchen, or buy a new car.  Now, I’m not sure if he meant a new new car, or just something new to whomever, but we all know that you’re not going to get a brand new car for $1000.  You could make a down payment on one, but that’s very different from buying one.  But I’ll take any opportunity, however loose it may be, to roll through KSL and see what deals/nightmares are out there!

A few notes: First, I’m only looking within 50 miles of my zip code.  Your results may vary.  Secondly, I excluded non-running or project cars.  I want to see what running and driving cars are out there.  With that said, let’s dive into the cesspool!

Not a promising start…

1,001 crap cans!  And already one non-running example!  Let’s narrow this down a bit more.  How do you feel about being all fancy, and living in fear of CELs???

BAM!  Roll in luxury and fear with this A4!  “To many features” probably means a run of the mill A4, but I wasn’t expecting to find a running Audi in this pile of garbage.  

Check out this Apricot Ice Prizm LSi!  Basic transportation in a fancy package.  Not exceptional, but worth noting.

You lookin to get into the Taurus Challenge?  I got your back!  $600 AND it comes with a spare door.  But what if you need something to haul and/or drag things?

UPDATE: 6 more cars have been listed for sale

Here’s a “super reliable” regular cab Ram for the max $1000 OR TRADE for whatever equals the value of a rusty Ram.

I wanted to end this with a Miata, because I was sure I’d find some $700 running and driving hunk of shit, BUT I WAS WRONG!  There were quite a few MPVs though, and shockingly this one is the best of the bunch.

However, if you’re bent on getting a Mazda sports car, you can take a swing at this $850 RX-8.  Not sure if the recall and extended warranty will transfer to you, but worth a shot.  And that recall, from what I gather, requires an engine replacement because (wait for it) oil leaks and damages the catalytic converter!  If Mazda will honor the recall for a new owner, sweet!  If not, well you’ve got a very leaky rotary that’s just begging to be ripped out in place of something like an LS or a JZ or a less leaky rotary.

I could spend hours, NAY, days doing this, but unfortunately I have other things I’ve gotta do.  What are your choices for a $1000 or less vehicle?  Does anything here look appealing to you?  Let us know!

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