25th May2019

Sanpete Grease N Grub 3rd Annual Meet

I had no idea what to expect when I went to the Sanpete Grease n Grub 3rd Annual Meet, except what little Mike had told me. He...

23rd May2019

CAMcast 194: Yabba Dabba Do This

What would you do if you woke up as CEO of an auto manufacturer?  Well, we asked you and you gave us some great answers!  But before...

21st May2019

CAMcast 193: Funemployment

Dave got a job, Zack was sick maybe, and Mike wore his trusty sweatpants on this episode of the CAMcast!  An episode in which the guys talk...

16th May2019

Salt City Drift: Buck Season Opens

Do you want to read, or do you just want to look at some pictures? Well, I can’t stop you from jumping to the gallery, BUT I’M...

16th May2019

CAMcast 192: First Cars!

We all had a first car, and it’s probably the first thing that we took a wrench to in any sort of serious manner.  Mike, Dave, and...

14th May2019

CAMcast 191: Broke Companies Everywhere

The gang is mostly back together!  Dad broke yet another promise, but it’s ok because Dave is back.  The guys talk about Tesla’s insurance idea, the Spanish...

09th May2019

CAMcast 190: Project Dreams

We all have a laundry list of dream projects that we’d build if money and time were no objects, but in this world they are.  So they...

07th May2019

CAMcast 189: Utah County Trap House

Welcome to an exciting new CAMcast!  One that eventually gets where it’s going, after many, many detours.  Dave was still on his way back from LS Fest,...

05th May2019

NASA Utah Round 2

Chaos, heroics, and concentration of epic proportions.

02nd May2019

CAMcast 188: Cars, Watches, & Squats

You like stories?  Cause we got stories!  Gavin tells us about the latest Exhibition of Speed episode, where Justin reviews a Suzuki Swift Sport, and tells us...