29th Jun2010
New issue drops tomorrow!

New issue drops tomorrow!

The second issue of Cars and Modifications drops tomorrow and features part 1 of our crazy Viper Road Trip, an RX-7, and a clean Honda Civic. Don’t...

25th Jun2010
Viper Road Trip Live Twitter Feed

Viper Road Trip Live Twitter Feed

Today, Mike and I embark on the first 700-ish miles of the Viper Road Trip. Feel free to follow along on our @camautomag Twitter account. We leave...

24th Jun2010
Cars and Modifications Sticker

CAM Auto Mag Stickers!

We got our first batch of stickers done! I only have a few to give away, but send us the reason why you should get the sticker...

16th Jun2010
Cars and Modifications Cover

Cars and Mods First Issue!

Here it is! Our first issue is live! Check it out and download the PDF. Download the first issue *Article and Photos are copyright of CAMAutoMag.Com and...

15th Jun2010
CAM: First Issue is PDF only

CAM: First Issue is PDF only

Due to a last minute technical glitch, we will only be offering the first issue as a download-able PDF file. We should have this fixed by the...

14th Jun2010
Cars and Modifications Contest

Cars and Modifications Contest

Stay tuned to these pages, in an upcoming issue, we will detail how you can win yourself an XBox 360 with a copy of Forza 3! That’s...

03rd Jun2010
CAM: Write the Editors

CAM: Write the Editors

As with many automotive magazines, we’ll be reviewing letters to the editors. If you feel your voice needs to be heard, we’re willing to listen. If you...

31st May2010
CAM Online Auto Magazine: First Issue due June 16th!

CAM Online Auto Magazine: First Issue due June 16th!

There it is, the official launch date of CAM Online Auto Magazine! June 16, 2010 we will publish our first issue and publish every other week thereafter....

27th May2010
Dodge Viper Interior

CAM: Viper Road Trip Feature

Viper Road Trip This is where Mike and I will spend at least 1500 miles in late June. It is a 94 Dodge Viper, and it will...

26th May2010
Online Car Magazine Cobra

CAM First Feature: 03 Ford Mustang Cobra

We wanted to show you a sneak peek at the first page of our first feature, an ex-champ car pace car Ford Mustang Cobra. We’re busy working...