24th Sep2010

CAM at Honda Challenge: Day 2

Problems with Kris's car were diminished, but a problem with Randy's car ended his day and threatened to ruin his weekend. I decided to bring my Olympus XA2 film camera, loaded with Kodak Ektachrome slide film along today and get some shots that you normally don't see...and won't see until I get the film back from the lab and scanned.

22nd Sep2010

CAM at Honda Challenge: Day 1

The NASA Honda Challenge has already been decided. If you’re looking for the results they’ll be found elsewhere. This is not about the race, or the results....

20th Sep2010
Letter from the Photo Director: September

Letter from the Photo Director: September

Where The Cool Kids Are The other day I went to a track day at the local road course to shoot some photos. I made the decision...

16th Sep2010
CAM Auto Failure Winner

Auto Failure Winner: The Story

As you recently found out, Kyle from Ohio won our auto failure contest, here is his story. “The victim is a mildly modded 1991 Talon TSi AWD....

15th Sep2010
Ken Block’s Gymkhana

Ken Block’s Gymkhana

You’ve all seen it, Ken Block and Gymkhana. He started a rage recently with Gymkhana. Now the question is, with the release of Gymkhana 3 yesterday, what...

13th Sep2010

The high price of being low: VW GTI VR6

It’s all about stance. You want a car that looks good where the wheels, tires, and ride height come together as one perfect union. Sometimes there’s a...

08th Sep2010
XBox and Forza 3 Contest

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kyle from Ohio! Kyle won our contest with the story of his DSM being attacked by ice. The story will be posted soon. The XBox...

06th Sep2010
Letter from the Editor: September

Letter from the Editor: September

Have you ever gotten an itch you can’t scratch? The one that is in that hard to reach spot on your back and it’ll just eat at...

31st Aug2010
Genuflection: Lamborghini Countach

Genuflection: Lamborghini Countach

Genuflection: gen·u·flec·tion /ˌdʒɛnyʊˈflɛkʃən/ [jen-yoo-flek-shuhn] –noun an act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship. Admit it, you had a poster...

27th Aug2010
Win an XBox 360 from CAM

Final Reminder: Win an XBox 360 and Forza 3!

We introduced a contest in our first issue that will give the Grand Prize winner an XBox 360 and a copy of Forza Motorsport 3! Consider this...