02nd Apr2012
March 31 Lap Battle-14

Lap Battle 2012 Round 1

March 31 marked the official start to the Lap Battle and NASA seasons at Miller Motorsports Park.  A few of the NASA competitors shied away from the...

30th Mar2012
911 GT3

Photo Friday

Ah, the weekend.  We are gonna be at the track on Saturday and furiously editing photos, video and skulling energy drinks like our lives depend on it...

28th Mar2012
Track Pirates Track Day-1

Track Day with the Track Pirates

  March 25 was the first open track day and NASA HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) of the year.  I had originally planned on doing nothing that...

26th Mar2012
UH Spring Meet 2012-1

UtahHondas.net Spring Meet

For the fifth year, UtahHondas.net held their annual Spring meet at Barnes Park in Kaysville, UT.  The meet has grown in size every year since its inception,...

14th Mar2012
Innovative Garage article size-8

Shop Feature: Innovative Garage

There used to be a quaint little shop in Orem that had a reputation for setting up the suspensions on some fast cars.  Unfortunately that shop is...

12th Mar2012
G1 Drifting 3-10 Cover

Drifting at Global 1

In another county, and on a far less sophisticated track, was a little drift get together thrown by the guys at D-Spare.com.  Fun? YOU BET! Out of...

12th Mar2012
WinterX 3-10 Cover

WinterX March 10

Hi everybody!  It’s great to be back.  Sorry for the lack of…well anything.  Winter and full time day jobs tend to have that effect, but no more! ...

02nd Mar2012

Yup, we’re on Pinterest

The popular photo site has been home to CAMautoMag for a little while and a few people have found us out, so we might as well come...

29th Feb2012


You’ve no doubt seen the world of Twitter and Facebook taken over by Instagram photos. Well, yours truly and Mike have Instagram and we’ve created a hashtag...

16th Jan2012

Analog Photos from SEMA

Hi there!  How were your holidays?  That’s great.  Ours?  They were good.  I gots me a scanner for Christmas, which I’ve been DYING for.  Why have I...