07th Apr2016

Throw Back Thursday: NASA Nationals

September 2013: Utah Motorsports Campus, then Miller Motorsports Park, played host to the NASA Nationals.  Naturally, we were there to see how the locals fared with a...

07th Apr2016

Solid Advice

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05th Apr2016

The Communist Made Fiat

Ahh the Yugo, a running joke of a vehicle.  Made in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, the Yugo is essentially a Communist amalgamation of the Fiat...

05th Apr2016

Are You Craving Some Racing?

I missed the F1 race (How about Haas, eh?), and the 24H series race at Silverstone.  I’m not too torn up about it, but I’ve got a...

05th Apr2016

Mazda Patented A New Rotary Design

Yup, the engine eagerly awaited since whenever the FD went away is coming back.  Maybe.  Here are the details of the patent filing, but what does this...

04th Apr2016

Check Out Lone Star Drift This Year

Now you should always support your local, grassroots series and drivers and sponsors.  They’re the ones who are keeping the fires burning at home, getting the kids...

04th Apr2016

We’re Going to be at ISS This Weekend!

Unfortunately Ronda won’t be there, but we’ve locked down a pretty sweet car to represent us: Nik Preusser’s Jetta Sportwagen.  He’s made some changes to it since...

04th Apr2016

Salt City Drift Schedule

We’re about a month away from the first Salt City Drift event of the series.  AREN’T YOU EXCITED?!?!?!?!?  Here’s the full schedule, and pricing.  The events at...

04th Apr2016

Coming Soon: The Guy Who Did This

I sat down with Steven Costello, the soft spoken fellow who races this: If that’s all you know about him, prepare to have your mind blown.  Go ahead...

01st Apr2016

Sometimes You Need To Vent

We all do, it’s part of the human condition. *Article and Photos are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners.