02nd Oct2012
Zane's Impreza-1

The Black Pearl

In the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Black Pearl is the fastest ship in the Caribbean and is “nigh uncatchable”. This 1996 Subaru Impreza coupe ruled...

29th Sep2012

Shop Feature: Nip N Tuck Performance(revisited)

Recently (ish) we went back to Nip N Tuck Performance to catch up with Dustin and Mitch and present them with a challenge.  My brother’s car had...

28th Sep2012

Japanese Classic Car Show

Last weekend was the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California.  We were all busy with other things, but Aaron Cleverly (frequent reader, and now contributor)...

27th Sep2012

Intermountain Councours d’Elegance

This past weekend I left the house at 9am and didn’t return until 2am. It was a day filled with cars, but this is what set the...

26th Sep2012
S4 cover

It Plays: Audi S4

At the last Slammed Saturdays I threatened to bring my camera gear and pick someone for a quick shoot.  This lovely red B7 S4 revealed itself as...

24th Sep2012
Nick's Cobalt-2


Say you’re out one night, driving around in your whatever it is. You pull up next to a black Cobalt at a traffic light. You look over...

19th Sep2012
Lap Battle HPDE3-48

Lap Battle and HPDE Group 3

Great news!  This past weekend had a gaggle of stuff going on at Miller Motorsports Park!  Sad news.  If you want to see the photos, you’re gonna...

14th Sep2012

Wide Open Wednesday 09/12/12

It’s been awhile, had to dust off some cobwebs, but we made it out to a Wide Open Wednesday event. And by we, I mean Mike, Dave,...

13th Sep2012
Quin's STI-14

Semi-Retired 2005 STi

  This STi has a history. This car was owned by a guy who tracked it here and there. It had the prerequisite big wing and decals,...

12th Sep2012
Dave's Storage-9

Inside Dave’s Unit

Before Trent, Tommy and Dave abandoned me left for their SF trip, Dave and I went up to his storage unit to grab some stuff that he had...