20th Mar2013
Derrick Lopez Subaru WRX STi drifting

IDrift 3/16

The Utah Drift scene has been well, lacking. Many people have stepped up and tried to make it successful, but for one reason or another, it hasn’t...

18th Mar2013
Raptor Assault Michael Chandler-8

Miller Motorsports Park Racing Schools

A few weeks ago, we got the call that went something like this, “How would you like to ride around in a Ford Raptor on a snow...

20th Feb2013

Thank you Larry

Four years ago today Utah lost a man who did quite a bit for this little state of ours.  He brought the NBA to town, built movie...

31st Jan2013
1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-1 cover

Will It Fit? Lexus V8 Into a S13!

Last night I went over to Jordan Collier’s frigid garage and watched him put together an engine hoist and then test fit his shiny new 1UZ V8....

31st Dec2012

2012 going on 2013

This year has been full of highs and lows. We’ve traveled, we’ve changed things up, added new crew members, lost one important one, and we keep striving...

20th Nov2012
CAMAutoMag Porsche GT3

European Invasion: GT3 comes to America!

Hooray for the six of us who enjoy World Challenge!: Jalopnik broke the news that the glorious GT3 spec race cars of Europe will be racing in...

22nd Oct2012
SLC Subaru Anniversary-7

SLC Subaru 5th Anniversary Meet

If you’re a car enthusiast in Utah (well, NORTHERN Utah) you have quite the selection of websites to hang out on: utdsm.org, UtahPace, UtahHondas, UtahStangs and so...

04th Oct2012
Jason's First Start-4

First Start: Innovative Garage Civic

A few weeks ago Jason Smith, of Innovative Garage, texted me and asked if we wanted to film him starting his long awaited Civic race car.  I...

02nd Oct2012
Zane's Impreza-1

The Black Pearl

In the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Black Pearl is the fastest ship in the Caribbean and is “nigh uncatchable”. This 1996 Subaru Impreza coupe ruled...

29th Sep2012

Shop Feature: Nip N Tuck Performance(revisited)

Recently (ish) we went back to Nip N Tuck Performance to catch up with Dustin and Mitch and present them with a challenge.  My brother’s car had...