25th May2012
Lotus Evora

Photo Friday

While out on assignment covering Bimmerfest, I stopped in Las Vegas to shoot this beautiful Lotus Evora. It is for a personal project, but I had to...

23rd May2012
Bimmerfest 2012

Bimmerfest 2012

This past weekend, the city of Pasadena contained 2500 BMW’s and a Pontiac Firebird(how it got in, we don’t know) in the field in front of the...

22nd May2012
Evo VIII (19 of 19)

Wicked Evo VIII

  Engine roaring, drums turning, and exhaust spewing. We walk into the dyno area at Ziptie Dynowerks to see this Evo pulling at the straps holding it...

16th May2012
Porsche 993 Turbo track day

Lap Battle/NASA Round 3

Going to change it up a bit and combine the NASA/Lap Battle post. Scream at me if I’m doing it wrong. First off, it was great seeing...

08th May2012
RSD Swap Meet Cover

Rally Sport Direct Eat, Greet & Swap Meet

It was that time of year for Rally Sport Direct to conquer their street and let their customers, fans, well wishers, and people who wanted pizza to...

07th May2012

D-Spare Nissan 240 drift update

The guys at D-Spare recently updated their look for the 2012 season. They asked us to grab some pics and a video and this is what we...

01st May2012
Mini Coupe S CAMautoMag

$30K Check: Mini Coupe S

 Haters will hate, and I can imagine Jeremy Clarkson mumbling about how ugly it is, and many people do find it revolting. But that only spurs me...

27th Apr2012
Randy and Kris (1 of 1)

Photo Friday

Welcome to the weekend my friends!  Got a couple of photos from the last Lap Battle/NASA weekend for you to enjoy.  Downloading remains the same: right click...

25th Apr2012
Integra cover (1 of 1)

Yes SiR: Honda Integra SiR-G

  We all face dilemmas: what am I going to have for lunch?  Should I put on pants today?  Whatever, but some of us have more unique...

23rd Apr2012
4-21 NASA cover (1 of 1)

NASA Racing and HPDE

In addition to the NASA sanctioned racing going on (which brought out all of the Snows and Magnus Racing’s 996 911 Cup car) they also threw a...