07th Aug2019

What Could’ve Been: Ashton’s Focus ST

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler As some of you know, and others are about to find out, I owned a Golf GTI. It was fine, except...

06th Aug2019

CAMcast 215: Ferrari Is Kinda Lame

Here we are, yeeting another podcast into your ears!  On this episode we talk about what the base model C8 Corvette comes equipped with, Ferrari being 103%...

02nd Aug2019

Salt City Drift Round 3: Electric Booga…lee?

Can you drift a Cuisinart? One bearded hero in a Hawaiian shirt finds out! Also someone smashed a Corvette

01st Aug2019

CAMcast 214: SING US A SONG!!!

Welcome back to the CAMcast, where we’re putting together one hell of a karaoke playlist!  We asked you what songs you would sing if you had to...

30th Jul2019

CAMcast 213: Save The Manuals! Or Don’t, Whatever

Welcome back to the podcast that is here for progress, especially if it means cramming old technology into modern cars! Brandon joined us, which is good because...

25th Jul2019

CAMcast 212: ///M vs AMG

Welcome back to the podcast that asks the hard qustions: what’s the worst combover you’ve ever seen?  You ever rev your car so hard it burst into...

23rd Jul2019

CAMcast 211: Corvettes and Lawsuits

Welcome back to the podcast that isn’t currently facing a bevy of lawsuits!  Mike, Dave, and Zack gather round the giant table, and discuss the most pressing...

18th Jul2019

CAMcast 201: Dirtiest Automotive Moments

Welcome back to the podcast that rewards you for getting dirty!  No, not that kind of dirty.  Get your mind out of the gutter. We asked you...

16th Jul2019

CAMcast 209: Rumors, Lies, and F1

Welcome back to the podcast that went out and built itself a table!  Pizza Guy We Know came back, and the crew talks about what is known...

11th Jul2019

CAMcast 208: The Photographer’s Favorite Photographer

How does a Region Rat go from baseball prospect in Indiana to one of Utah’s best automotive photographers?  We asked Andrew Jackson how he made that move,...