05th Jul2011

What we’re working on!

This next few weeks will be busy here at CAMAutoMag. We are rapidly working on a new site design and many major changes to the site including...

27th Jun2011

Chevrolet Advance Design Truck

In 1947 Chevrolet released the Advance Design series of trucks, their first major redesign since the end World War II. They were produced and sold from ’47...

24th Jun2011
Mazda RX7 Wallpaper

CAM Desktop Wallpapers

CAMAutoMag is on your phone, and now on your desktop. We have drifting and racing wallpapers along with a couple car feature wallpapers. More will be added...

20th Jun2011
Beetle RS VW Vortex

The CAM Journal: About Face

I’ll admit, the first generation New Beetle had me laughing when I saw a guy driving one. Sure, I respect that the 1.8T has a lot of...

16th Jun2011

June 8 Wide Open Wednesday Session

Rain was the story of the day last Wednesday at Miller Motorsports Park.  Torrential rain.  But despite the downpour and the lightning, Wide Open Wednesday soldiered on. ...

13th Jun2011

The CAM Journal – Wipeout!

Hello CAM heads! For this month’s article, I have decided to talk about something that we as auto enthusiasts often do not like to talk about…car crashes!...

09th Jun2011

More Drifting!

In addition to hosting a event out on the track, LapBattle.com threw a little drift party in the paddock at Miller Motorsports Park this past weekend. There’s...

08th Jun2011

MMP Lap Battle!

After the MPRA run groups were done the track was turned over to the LapBattle.com Time Attack Series. Another local series, this time organized by LapBattle.com and just...

07th Jun2011
Wuste 2011 pics

Wuste 2011 Gallery

Last weekend, one of the largest west coast VW/Audi events took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s simply known as Wuste(woo-stuh or voo-stuh), and it has been...

06th Jun2011

Miller Park Racing Association Round 3

It was a busy weekend at Miller Motorsports Park!  There was drifting, Lap Battle and round 3 of the MPRA season.  A photo gallery waits for you...