05th Jul2012

NASA Racing Round 4

While Lap Battle featured the debut of two long awaited cars, the NASA races had two incidents where the drivers were forced to retire.  The iron cross...

04th Jul2012

$30K Check: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Alright. John, it’s that time……time to put your play car away and get a real one.  You know, one with four doors, one that takes the kids...

03rd Jul2012

Lap Battle Round 4

Another oppressively hot warm Saturday meant the NASA Utah guys were hosting the monthly Lap Battle/HPDE/Racing sessions.  We’ll discuss the Racing in a couple of days, today is...

02nd Jul2012
Waterwerks on the Green 2012

Water Werks on the Green

Water Werks on the Green happened the day after Forum Fest, and the weather was much more cooperative. This event was unique in that it took place...

29th Jun2012

Forum Fest 2012

[func-shun] Episode 6: Forum Fest 2012 from [func-shun] on Vimeo. It’s 5pm on Friday, Mike and I are picking up Tommy from his work in Orem, 14...

21st Jun2012
Scion FR-S CAMautoMag

$30K Check: Scion FR-S

You could see this one coming from a mile away, couldn’t you? The world is in a storm created by the Toyobaru twins. It’s an intriguing car...

08th Jun2012

Photo Friday

Ahh the weekend is almost upon us!  I know, you gotta slog through this last day of the work week.. We’ve all been there, but hopefully these...

06th Jun2012


  I know some of you are going to just look at these pictures. I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is the odd chance...

04th Jun2012

JDM Legends Grand Re-opening

On June 2nd Eric Bizek and the rest of the crew at JDM Legends opened the doors to show off their new Murray digs.  The new shop...

01st Jun2012
Bagged Chrysler 300 at the beach

The Gentleman’s Hot Rod: 426 Hemi Chrysler 300C

“Holy $#!* that sounds awesome!” Nick exclaimed as we walked up to see John’s Chrysler 300. He wasn’t exaggerating either, the Mopar exhaust on this thing set...