09th Jun2011

More Drifting!

In addition to hosting a event out on the track, LapBattle.com threw a little drift party in the paddock at Miller Motorsports Park this past weekend. There’s...

08th Jun2011

MMP Lap Battle!

After the MPRA run groups were done the track was turned over to the LapBattle.com Time Attack Series. Another local series, this time organized by LapBattle.com and just...

07th Jun2011
Wuste 2011 pics

Wuste 2011 Gallery

Last weekend, one of the largest west coast VW/Audi events took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s simply known as Wuste(woo-stuh or voo-stuh), and it has been...

06th Jun2011

Miller Park Racing Association Round 3

It was a busy weekend at Miller Motorsports Park!  There was drifting, Lap Battle and round 3 of the MPRA season.  A photo gallery waits for you...

31st May2011
Honda S2000 Standing out

The CAM Journal: Passion

I’ve liked cars, the idea of cars, the design of cars, and the freedom of cars from my first memory in life on. When I’ve had a...

23rd May2011
The $30K Check – Lotus Elise

The $30K Check – Lotus Elise

Hello friends! It is I, Johnny, back from the dead with an all new $30K check article. After a two month absence, I am ready to write!...

18th May2011
D-Spare.com/DriftUtah.net May 4 VIDEO

D-Spare.com/DriftUtah.net May 4 VIDEO

We shot some video while we were out shooting photos at the D-Spare.com/DriftUtah.net, and I finally got around to editing it into something presentable. Click ‘Continue Reading’...

15th May2011
Eibach Honda Meet 2011 CAMAutoMag

Eibach Honda Meet 2011 Gallery

We drove down to Southern California to check out this insane Honda meet full of unique touches at the world-renowned Eibach Springs location. Check out our gallery...

12th May2011
Mazda Miata Racing

Wide Open Wednesday at MMP 05/11/11

Miller Motorsports Park, the local road course track has what they call ‘Wide Open Wednesday’ on the second Wednesday of every month during the summer. This is...

09th May2011
Slammed Scion xB CAMAutoMag

It Plays: 2005 Scion xB

Once upon a time, Nik, the owner of this 2005 Black Cherry Pearl Scion xB, had a Skyline. Back when he and his wife lived in Okinawa,...