06th Aug2011
Tailored Seattle Pictures

Tailored Seattle 2011

StanceWorks put on this first year show in cooperation with WaterWerks. This show was all about fitment, stance, and flush. Despite a mix-up about getting into the...

06th Aug2011

Happy 86 Day!

  To some today is just Andy Warhol’s birthday, but to us it’s a day to celebrate the AE86 Corolla!  Feel free to post your favorite AE86...

03rd Aug2011
CAMautoMag Social Media

Find us elsewhere on the web

If you don’t always make it to the site, no worries, CAMautoMag goes where you go. These are just a few of the places where you can...

01st Aug2011

Euro SL,UT Fest 2011

July 30 was the first ever Euro SL,UT Fest, and for a first time event it was a great turnout!  Surprisingly Trent was out of town and...

29th Jul2011

From The Archives: Ferrari Challenge

I, you’re humble photographer, have been shooting photos long before CAMautoMag became what it is today.  Before I had a place to display these photos, I would...

28th Jul2011

The Next…Acura Integra

Usually when I type up one of these “The Next…” articles, I have a clear idea of what the next car in line is to replace something....

27th Jul2011

Photo Post 3

We all know that you love photos of modified cars, and well, we enjoy taking photos of modified cars here at CAMautoMag which kind of works out...

26th Jul2011
CAMAutoMag.Com Stickers

Sticker giveaway!

We are working on some new stickers at the moment, so that means the old ones must go. I only have 8 blue, 8 black, and 3...

25th Jul2011
CAMautoMag old site design

New site design!

First off, let me say Thank you! CAMautoMag is living the dream, we are sharing our passion of cars and we couldn’t do it without you. This...

22nd Jul2011
Corvette America's Sports car

CAMautoMag visits the Corvette Museum

No matter where you are in life, and no matter your vehicle preference, you have to respect the Corvette and what it has done for sports cars...