31st Jan2011

The 30K Dollar Check: Introduction

We all have our day dreams….What would be the first car we would buy after hitting the Lotto? I have limited myself to 5 cars from a...

28th Jan2011
CAMAutoMag on Facebook

Over 200 Facebook Likes

Thank you to all who support us, we are now over 200 Facebook ‘Likes’! If you haven’t already, Like our Facebook page and you’ll stay up to...

24th Jan2011
The CAM Journal: Lexus LFA vs. Wheel of Cheese

The CAM Journal: Lexus LFA vs. Wheel of Cheese

I work at a grocery store. In the service deli to be exact, and it sucks. However it does allow me to learn random things and drop...

20th Jan2011
Talon Girl in Black Car

The CAM Journal: RIP Mitsubishi Eclipse

Break out the sad trombone, the day I’ve feared will come, is finally at hand. According to Edmunds Inside Line, the Eclipse will not survive past 2013....

19th Jan2011

Dispatches From A Small Market Auto Show

On Martin Luther King Day I took in the final day of the Salt Lake International Auto Show. It happens every year, and I always go so...

10th Jan2011
The Next…Nissan 240SX

The Next…Nissan 240SX

Here we are with a new edition of “The Next”, a feature in which we choose a staple in the automotive enthusiast pantheon and then pick a...

31st Dec2010
194.8mph in a Mustang

The CAM Journal – 194.8 mph

The title for this month’s article is the fastest speed I have traveled in an automobile. High speed auto travel has always fascinated me. From when I...

30th Dec2010
CAM Cars of the Year – 2010

CAM Cars of the Year – 2010

Here it is, our list of the greatest cars of 2010 and some honorable mentions. Read More…

24th Dec2010

The CAM Journal – Winter

I used to like winter, when I was a little kid and therefore stupid. I used to go sledding, have snowball fights and all that. It was...

20th Dec2010
The Next…Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Next…Mitsubishi Eclipse

We are introducing a new segment called, “The Next…” This involves our predictions on what will replace the stalwart in the segment. Starting us off is the...