11th May2018

PCA Day! Porsche Club Racing

by Michael Chandler

Last weekend was a busy one for the kid: I drove to Nephi for the Sanpete Grease ‘n Grub meet, then I woke up early-ish for Pirelli Trophy West and Porsche Club of America racing.  I’ve barely started on the Pirelli Trophy West photos, but I’ve got the PCA photos done!  IF YOU’D LIKE TO BUY A PHOTO CLICK THESE DIFFERENT COLORED WORDS!

There were plenty of locals out and about.  I think the guys at Air Power broke out everything in the garage, because they had a grip of cars out.  Everything from Al Tiley’s GT3R to some old 996 Super Cup cars.  

I climbed atop the sketchy photo stand on the outside of Tooele Turn to get some shots of the drivers heading through the turn during one of their sessions.  When I say sketchy, I mean it’s falling apart, leaning a noticeable amount, and part of the deck has rotted away.  All of that sucks, because it’s a cool spot!  JUST LOOGIT DEM PHOTOS!!! Reward my bravery/stupidity BY BUYING SOME PHOTOS! 

There were several classics out, and some were getting downright racy.  The 221 and the 55 had a few instances of side by side corner exits.  It.  Was.  AWESOME!!!!  Nothing is too precious.  Bang doors, leave tire marks on each other, drive like the broke asses, such as myself, would if given the chance!


And then there was this 996.  I swear this 996 was out and about WHEN THIS WEBSITE BEGAN COVERING STUFF AT UMC, THEN MILLER MOTORSPORTS PARK!  Hold on, let’s check the archives…

Damn ancient media hosting platform!  I swear to God it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve seen it.  I know precious little about the car, so if you have any info about it let us know!

And then there was this.  Like I’ve said throughout this post, photos are available for purchase.  Click here to buy some photos! 

And now: a gallery

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