February 6, 2023

Photo Friday

Ahh the weekend is almost upon us!  I know, you gotta slog through this last day of the work week.. We’ve all been there, but hopefully these purdy new wallpapers will help make today a little less painful.  You know the drill by now: right/control click and view image, then right/control click and save as.

JDM Legends is all about the old school.  Old Skylines, Celicas and 510’s are the usual fare.  Sometimes those cars come with awesome stuff under the hood, such as these Mikuni carburetors.  They were hanging off an old Toyota motor.  It’s in black and white for two reasons: #1 it keeps with the old school feel and #2 black and white is just so awesome sometimes…  Like right now


We go from the classic to the going-to-become-classic.  Despite being an impostor, this base model RSX looks just as good (if not better than) the more sought after Type-S’s and Type-R’s.  Nothing too crazy going on, just the right amount of modifications to get this thing going down the path to being a classic.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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