November 27, 2020

Photo Friday

Welcome to the weekend my friends!  Got a couple of photos from the last Lap Battle/NASA weekend for you to enjoy.  Downloading remains the same: right click (or control click if you’re on a Mac) then view image, right click again and save image.  Then set it as your desktop background and make all of your friends/co-workers/classmates/cats jealous!

Remember a couple of years ago when I followed Kris McCoy and Randy Gibb during Honda Challenge?  Well, since then Randy has tried selling his DC5 and Kris has started racing in a S2000.  I saw Kris at the Enduro and snapped a few shots, but this is the first time I’ve seen them racing together in a while.  Just like old times.


This pretty much sums up Lap Battle: M3, fun track day car; S2000, fun track day car; gutted STi, weapon of terror.  They are turning into Release, which spits you out onto the front straight.  Guess what happened next.


-Michael Chandler

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