February 2, 2023

Photo Friday

Hooray for Friday and a holiday weekend!  Right now it’s snowing (boo!) but here are a pair of photos from the sunshine filled weekend at Miller Motorsports Park

When it comes to track days, there are few more useful tools than the Ariel Atom.  Aluminum tubing, an engine (either a Honda sourced K series or the absolutely insane Hartley built V8, which is two Suzuki Hayabusa 4 cylinders fused together), a transmission, seats, and the other bare necessities needed to declare it a car.  Despite those necessities, this one is loaded into a trailer and towed down to Miller Motorsports Park so it can play with other track day toys.


While the Atom is a nice track day toy, a dedicated E92 M3 race car is…well, it’s a race car.  All the nice things that make the M3 a fun street car (414hp 4 Liter V8, 51/49 weight distribution, 6 speed manual) are cranked up to 11 in race trim.  This puppy came from Colorado to participate in the enduro, and despite whatever problems it had, it sounded and looked amazing coming down The Attitudes.

-Michael Chandler

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