March 23, 2023

Photo Friday

Ah, the weekend.  We are gonna be at the track on Saturday and furiously editing photos, video and skulling energy drinks like our lives depend on it on Sunday.  But for Friday we give you these, a pair of photos for you to use as wallpapers if you see fit.

Porsche 911 GT3 at the track

While I never actually saw the McLaren or Ferrari on the track, I did see this little red Beetle 997 911 GT3 tearing it up.  If not for The Black Pearl it would have been the fastest thing out there.


Yellow C6 Corvette wallpaper

I moved a little over a month ago, and this is what my roommate keeps in the garage: a banana yellow C6 Corvette.  I’m trying to convince him to bring it to a Wide Open Wednesday, but until then it’s going to live in the garage and wait for sunny days.


-Michael Chandler

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