March 23, 2023

Photo Post 3

We all know that you love photos of modified cars, and well, we enjoy taking photos of modified cars here at CAMautoMag which kind of works out well for us both. Lately we’ve traveled to Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, and Miller Motorsports Park and these are some pics from those trips. We’ve got more on our plate though, and plenty more pics to come, so expect more of these photo-only posts. With the new site, we’re about more pictures, so instead of the usual 5 photos in a photo post, here’s another photo post for you with a few more. Check out the car pictures after the jump.



Nissan 350Z racing
MPRA Porsche Racing
Slammed Impreza 2.5RS
Jetta GLI Stance
Drifting Nissan 240SX
Corvette Grand Sport Convertible
Nissan 240SX Drift
Honda Civic on BBS wheels

Photos by Trent Bray and Michael Chandler


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