April 10, 2021

Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy Race 5

Not relegated to a support role, the Porsche Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA is atop of the billing this weekend.  This weekend bringing the Porsche Club of America, Intermountain Region, out to Utah Motorsports Campus.  So with a paddock already full of Porsche-files, the series dropped the green flag on the fifth race of their season.  

I feel a little information will make this write-up a little easier to understand.  The series is broken up into three classes: Diamond, Platinum, and Silver.  Diamond is all 991 generation GT3 Cup cars, and has a sub-category: Masters.  Masters is full of the more experienced drivers.  Silver has the same sub-category, but their chassis is the Cayman GT4 Clubsport.  Platinum is for the 997 GT3 Cup cars, and doesn’t have a sub-category.  ANYWAY, let’s get on to the results!

Overall race winner, top qualifier, snappy dresser, and winner of the Diamond class was Loren Beggs in the 991 Design car.

Second in Diamond, in the #35 Win Ward Racing car, was Russell Ward.  Less than a quarter of a second separated first and second in class!

Rounding out the Diamond podium was Alex Kirby, in the Aasco Motorsports car.  Side note: he was one of the many drivers in full “send it” mode during qualifying, launching his car over the curbs at the top of the Attitudes.

Michael Zuieback was the Diamond Master class winner, in the #2 Competition Motorsports car.  If you think it’s weird that I’m calling all the cars just “cars”, it’s because I felt weird calling them “Cup cars”.  Just seems oddly redundant.

In second was Bryce “Win” Ward, in the (wait for it) #57 Win Ward Racing entry.  

And rounding out the Diamond Masters podium was Mike McAlister, in one of three Competition Motorsports entries in the class.  For whatever reason I thought the car was sponsored by CCM, the hockey stick manufacturer.  Anyway, excellent work.

Taking top honors in Platinum was Ray Ray Ray Shahi, in the #65 Truspeed Autosports entry. He and his purple shoes (not kidding) managed to hold off the hard charger in second place.

That hard charger was UMC local David Lockwood, in his trusty Air Power Racing prepped car.  He was only .185 seconds behind Ray!

Closing out the podium was John Krieg, and that sweet Checker Cab theme on his Aasco Motorsports car.

Taking top honors in Silver was Rearden Racing driver Jeff Kearl.  FUN FACT: This was the first time I’ve ever seen Jeff.  Despite how well he does in the NASA events, I’ve never actually seen him outside of his car.

Carter Yeung drove himself a clean race, and took home second place for himself, and GMG Racing.

Sean McAlister finished a lap down, but still got himself on the podium.  He was one of the many Competition Motorsports backed drivers.

Steve Goldman is another Competition Motorsports driver.  He also was the winner of the Silver Masters class.

Mike Sullivan, another CM driver and also the LA Car Guy, was on the middle step of the podium in Silver Masters.

The last step of the podium was claimed by a lizard.  A Flying Lizard!  That Flying Lizard being Martin Brauns.

And there we have it!  One race down, one more to go on the weekend.  We’ll be bringing you coverage from all of Sunday’s racing, so stick around!

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