12th Oct2018

QuadDuro: The 2018 NASA Utah Season Finale!

by Michael Chandler

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And so the NASA Utah season has ended, but it didn’t go out quietly.  Or warmly.  It was a gray, cold, bleak day.  The wind was… well, it was there, but it wasn’t cutting you to the bone.  That was nice.  It was also nice seeing our baller Thunder race group.  Toby Crawford and I were talking about it, and this is probably the craziest NASA race group in the country.  Look at that field: 3 Huracan Super Trofeos, an R8 GT4, an M4 GT4, a 911 GT3R, a Ginetta G55, a TC Spec 370Z, and a herd of 911 GT3 Cup cars.  And 90% of these cars are regulars.  Show me what you got, everyone else.

The day started fairly interesting.  Coming through Release, Paul Terry (the all black Z in the foreground of the first photo there) got into the Makes & Models Cayman GT4.  Chris Hutchens (black #68 Lyfe Z) watched it all happen, and backed off.  Paul, down a mirror, continued on.  The Cayman looked like it would too, and Hutchens made his way towards Pit In.  SUDDENLY the Cayman darted to Pit In, cutting off Hutchens.  Thankfully no more contact happened, but that was the first thing I saw when I got to shooting.  FUN!

Everyday Driver came out for their Utah Meetup, and they swelled the HPDE ranks.  We got to see Chance Hales in his new 911 on track, Paul and his bum shoulder in his Cayman GTS, and Todd the friendly ent in his diminutive Lotus.  Always good seeing those guys.

BTW, got your new headshots right here.  You’re welcome.

The Supercar Mafia, Stradman, and Makes & Models made a dream come true for that little guy right there.  His name is Sebastian, and he has a condition that means he breaks bones way easier than you or I.  They brought him out from California, let him hang out and wave the checkered flag, hand out the day’s awards, and even got him some laps in a Lamborghini!  A lot of people gave their medals to Sebastian, which was really cool.  It was awesome to see everyone come together and help out this little kid.  It was the perfect end to an awesome season.  Go to here to buy your photos, and enjoy the gallery below!

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