March 23, 2023

Repeat Offender: 2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

You may remember that in the first issue of CAM we featured a pair of ridiculous Subarus: a 2006 WRX wagon and a 2003 2.5 RS. Since then the Wagon has gone down for some repairs while the RS soldiered on. Shane brought the car out for a late night photo session so we could see some of the changes he’s made in the year and some since we last brought you this car.

 Subaru Impreza Stanced

First off he’s got new wheels. Gone are the Sportmaxx 002’s and in are a set of XXR 527’s. The 17×9.75 rollers have 205/40 Federal rubber stretched over their width.

The car still sits on the BC Racing BR series coilovers from last time, except now he has a set of Tanabe 10k springs on them and a WRX sway bar in the back.

He’s also thrown a Yakima roof rack on the top, a set of 2005 tail lamps on the back, 2007 rear fender flares and WRX side skirts on either side and a ProDrive front lip on the front. Naturally, the fenders have been rolled and pulled like on any good stanced car.

CAMAutoMag Impreza

Under the hood looks a lot like a stock 2.5RS, minus the COBB pulley and Borla unequal length headers. Those headers dump into a Borla 3” catback, which give the car that boxer beat that I just love.

Inside the cabin is something we never explored last time, so it’s new to us all! Shane plants himself in a red Sparco Fighter while his passengers relax in the leather seats taken from a 2.5RS Limited. The folks in the front strap themselves in with 4 point Sparco harnesses attached to a Sparco harness bar. After he slides the giant cue ball shifter into gear, Shane grips a NRG steering wheel, which has a NRG quick release and is mounted to MOMO hub. And I’m not sure it’s visible in the pictures, but it has a custom headliner.

Bugeye Impreza

Impreza 2.5RS Modified

Shane driver this thing every day, so he’s used to the stance and having to deal with all the issues most of don’t have to deal with; however, somethings just kinda happen. Like a spontaneous grill delete, which happened one day while he was headed to school. He hit a bump, and then POP! Out it came. It’s ok though, the rest of the car is more than sick enough to make up for the missing grill.

 Low Subaru

Stanced Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Feature CAMAutoMag from CAMAutoMag on Vimeo.

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler, Video by Trent Bray


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  1. hey my names mike and i have the same exact car and im doing simaliar things to it but im going a little further with the engine this is my daily driver and im trying to show my town you can get some power out of the n/a motor with no boost and look really good as well i just started and ordered my suspension today and some visuals and next weeks pay im getting my cams so hopefully this goes as planned

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