31st Jul2018

Rocky Mountain 24: When ChampCar Came to Town

by Michael Chandler

It was an interesting 24 hours.  When last we left off: the sun was setting, Air Power was out testing, and the Mustang pictured above was leading the race.  The FX32 was dealing with a blown head gasket, and the yellow MR2 was being massaged with a hammer out in the paddock.  PURCHASE PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT HERE

And then the night fell.  Now, the number of people who have driven the Full configuration of the Utah Motorsports Campus track is small among the locals.  I can say with a fair amount of certainty that the vast majority of drivers on the weekend were driving it for the first time.  Take the 20+ turn course, shroud it in darkness, add a bunch of people who were driving it for the first time, and you end up with a parade lap at 10:30pm behind a Ford Transit van.

I left at 11pm, and came back in the morning.  Sleeping in the van wasn’t going to happen, due to a lack of planning.  Anyway, with less than an hour left the Bandit Trans Am caught fire.  That brought out a red flag, which was quickly remedied.

A few teams were fighting to get their cars to the checkered flag, including the FX32.  Most everyone took the flag, and there was much rejoicing.  Here’s the full gallery, and a link to buy photos if that’s an avenue you’d like to pursue.

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