February 6, 2023

Road Race Motorsports Lancer GTS Turbo

RRM Lancer-8

These are some old photos.  Really old.  Two years to be exact.  We traveled to California to shoot photos of this and a Nissan Cube show car.  These didn’t see the light of day because, well, we had no idea what was done to the car beyond what we could see.  Our contact had something suddenly come up at the last minute, and wasn’t around for the shoot.

RRM Lancer-1

See, what used to happen was while one of us was shooting photos or video, the other was talking to the owner and getting a mod list or making arrangements to have one emailed to us.  Since our guy wasn’t available, we had nothing.  However, we did have some basic information on this Lancer GTS and the endless power of the internet.  Here’s what we’ve come up with

RRM Lancer-5

First, it’s turbocharged.  Road Race Motorsports developed a turbokit for the n/a front wheel driver Lancer GTS which is based around a 16g/GT3 snail.  Between that hair dryer, the front mount, Tial wastegate and other bits add up to 100hp over stock!

RRM Lancer-4

CarbonTrix provided a lot of carbon fiber parts: fuse box cover, radiator block off plate, hood, front and rear lips, grill, the Evo Extreme hood, the trunk lip spoiler and rear diffuser.  The fit and finish of these parts was top notch.

RRM Lancer-2

With the added power, the car needed to be able to haul itself to a stop and be able to turn properly.  So a Rotora six pot big brake kit has been installed, and sits behind a set of BBS wheels.  Brake cooling ducts keep the brakes at a safe temperature, and a strut tower bar in the front helps the Tein coliovers to do their job of letting this Lancer carve some corners.

RRM Lancer-3

The car was/is sporting a center exit exhaust.  It fit well within the diffuser.

RRM Lancer-6

Inside there are a pair of Aero Design carbon/kevlar seats, Sparco harnesses, and a harness bar/rear roll cage.

Is this story over due?  Very much so.  Was it worth waiting to have as much correct information as possible?  Also yes.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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