August 9, 2020

Salt City Drift 2015 Schedule


Salt City Drift released their schedule last night to much fanfare.  Rumors were that an entirely new venue would be in the mix, but that wasn’t the case.  An old venue does make a comeback though: the oval at Rocky Mountain Raceway!  It’s been a few years, but half of the season will be spent there.

Why is RMR a cool venue? #1: grandstands #2: banked turns.

Here’s a list of dates and locations for the upcoming season

  • Saturday, March 14: The Midway at Miller Motorsports Park
  • Friday, April 24: Rocky Mountain Raceway Oval
  • Friday, May 15: Rocky Mountain Raceway Oval
  • Saturday, July 11: West Paddock at Miller Motorsports Park
  • Friday, August 21: Rocky mountain Raceway Oval
  • Saturday, September 19: West Paddock at Miller Motorsports Park

Head over to the Salt City Drift Facebook Page for more information about registration as the first date gets closer.

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