November 27, 2022

Salt City Drift Round 3: Electric Booga…lee?

Well, as it turns out you CAN drift a Tesla Model S. It just can’t be any of the D models, because they spin all four wheels. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Jake, the excitable idiot man-child with a heart of gold, got out there and drove to the limit of his abilities… and then tried to keep going past those limits.

He smacked the ass end of his Corvette into a barrier, ripped up the quarter panel, and managed to fold it in on itself. This was a hilarious sight, one we immortalized on our Instagram page, but a sight that necessitated someone to remedy it.

Enter Stu, and his drill! He came through, drilled some holes in Jake’s quarter panel, and zip-tie stitched it back together.

Bobby and some of the Cedar City boys made their way up, and showed off some of the steez they’ve got down there.

And there was whoever the hell this was. Some dude in a 370Z with Wisefab, just came out and slayed. Shoutout to you, unknown Z driver.

I told you we’d get back to Stucky in the blender. Anyway, here’s a gallery. We’ll be back at the next one!

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