17th May2018

Sanpete Grease N Grub 2nd Annual Meet

by Michael Chandler

A couple of weeks back, I made the trek to Ephraim for the second annual Sanpete Grease n Grub meet.  I was originally going to bring Gavin with me, but he had something come up and couldn’t make it.  So I hopped in the mini mini van, and began making my way south.  Before we get into the meet, I want to talk about the drive that I didn’t take any photos or video of.  A lot of it isn’t that great.  I spent a decent amount of time on I15, and arrow straight country roads, but I was thrown into a nice little canyon as soon as I got off the freeway.  It wasn’t a super intense drive, but it was nice after an extended freeway blast.  And then it was running through little towns, until I got to the final little town: Ephraim.

Now, this is central Utah.  Central Utah is different than my neck of the woods (northern Utah).  It’s not a place where you’ll see someone break out a bunch of super cars painted or wrapped the same way, or classic foreign fare.  The local Porsche concern seems to be just one guy in a Cayman:

But instead of seeing classic J tin, vintage Euro stuff, or classic Americana that was built by someone else in a place far away, you see a bunch of stuff that does the stuff that all good cars do: drive and do stuff.  Guys bring out their trucks that they crawl and go muddin in, that they built in their driveway.  You see old American cars that drive in, and that have and currently are living a life.  It’s pretty cool to see, because you NEVER see some of this stuff.

When’s the last time you saw an Edsel?  Like, got up close to one and saw all the weird little details that made it a flop in its time, but a mid-century classic today?  Look at the speedo!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  That’s insane!  BUT IT’S SO COOL!!!  Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is cool, but this blows it out of the water.  Someone in Dearborn said “This looks cool, and it also tells you how fast you’re going.” And then someone said put it in a car!  It also has push button transmission controls…

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STEERING WHEEL!  You can keep your pristine, resto-mod muscle cars.  Give me a well optioned Edsel.  Then park it next to a first generation Ford Fairlane

You also see things made out of whatever is kicking around.  There was a guy there who’s wife is in a wheelchair.  He wanted to make something fun for her, and he had an old snowmobile and a zero turning radius lawn mower.  After some time with a welder, and cannibalizing a tractor, he wound up with this:

It’s a rad little thing that you’re probably not gonna see at Cars & Coffee.  And that was kind of an overarching theme: cool stuff that you’re not gonna see too often in the wild like this.  Follow Sanpete Grease N Grub on Facebook and Instagram to see when their next meet is, and take the couple of hours to drive down there.  It’s not a bad way to spend a day.

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