November 27, 2022

SEMA Shots: Stay Crushing FRS

SEMA 2014  Wednesday

Words by Michael Chandler.  Photos by Michael Chandler and Joey Harrington

I saw a lot of people complaining that every car at SEMA was sporting a Rocket Bunny kit.  There were a ton of cars sporting the kit, because it’s the popular kit. It’s also because in the last couple of years there have been more kits released for more chassis.  Before the craze hit, you could get a kit for the modern Nissan S Chassis (S13, S14 and S15) and the Toyobaru twins.  Now you can get the kit for the afore mentioned chassis, the NSX, R35 GTR, FD3S RX7, and E36 chassis BMW 3-series.

SEMA 2014  Wednesday

But before all that the only kits you saw were on the FRS/BRZ, and before everyone at SEMA had one there were only a handful.  Four to be exact at the 2012 SEMA Show.  Three belonged to big companies, and one was in the hands of Robert Kochis.  He poured every last cent into his build, and even Muira-san came over to help fit the kit.  It was an intense build that begat the Stay Crushing brand.

SEMA 2014 Friday

Since then we, and thousands of other people, have seen the car progress and the Stay Crushing brand grow.  At this year’s show, after some drama getting in to it, we got to see the 2014 version of the car.  This year it had the V2 Rocket Bunny kit, and accompanying canards.  It was also sporting a prototype Big Country Labs wing, which is ridiculous and obnoxious and perfect for this car.  Almost any car for that matter, but that’s neither here nor there.  We’ll eventually get around to doing a full on feature shoot, but in the meantime go support him!  Buy a sticker and a shirt!


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