December 4, 2022

Share Your Story, and Win Some Stuff!

We all remember that moment. That moment at your first meet, or track day, where you went from being someone there to being “in”. Where you went from being someone on the fringe to being included. Maybe it was an owner waving you over after he saw you looking at his car from a far, or someone giving you a ride along, whatever it is we all remember that moment.

Right now we live in a divisive time. People want to fight and argue, and put others down. I want to try and bring some light to this dark period of our history. I want us to remember that moment when you were welcomed into the circle that is this car life of ours, and hopefully inspire some of you to bring someone new into it. To that end, I want you to tell us about your moment. Tell us what got you from a casual weirdo on the outside, to a hardcore weirdo on the inside.

Share your stories in the comments below, email them to us (, or send us a message on social media. We’ll share them on next week’s CAMcast, and the one that fills our heart with the most joy will get a copy of Eric Teti’s 7600+ zine, along with some CAM swag and some other stuff.

The 7600+ zine features tons of cool photos of the AE86 Corolla from Eric’s travels around the world. We’ll also throw in a 10th Anniversary CAM sticker, a print, and some stuff from SEMAs gone by.

Entries must be in to us by 6pm Mountain Daylight Time. The winner will be announced on Episode 273 of the CAMcast, which drops on July 15.