February 2, 2023

Shop Feature: Innovative Garage

Innovative Garage in Utah

There used to be a quaint little shop in Orem that had a reputation for setting up the suspensions on some fast cars.  Unfortunately that shop is no more…in Orem. Yes, as you have probably heard Jason packed up Innovative Garage and moved it to Cottonwood Heights. I swung by, shot some photos and video and drank the Rockstar he offered me.

Honda and Acura road race cars

They’re still getting settled in at their new location (1346 Fort Union Boulevard, Cottonwood Heights, UT), but they are still offering all their usual services: from routine maintenance to race/track car prep and storage to driver coaching and track support.

Road Racing Civic


Racing supply shelf

Whats left to do?  Finish up the store front, set up the lounge, paint and keep doing business

import race cars

Innovative Garage shop feature from CAMautoMag on Vimeo.

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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