February 2, 2023

Shop Feature: Nip N Tuck Performance(revisited)

Recently (ish) we went back to Nip N Tuck Performance to catch up with Dustin and Mitch and present them with a challenge.  My brother’s car had a whole host of things wrong, and they said they’d fix them.  These things included:

  • Two broken motor mounts
  • Bad wheel bearing
  • bad valve cover gasket
  • bad serpentine belt
  • terrible seats (but they couldn’t do anything about these.  I just felt like expressing my disdain for them)
And they fixed them…  In an hour and seventeen minutes!  Thus proving that they’re not just a performance shop.
After that Trent and I got to working on this here little feature.  The shop has changed quite a bit since the last time we brought you a feature on it.  Counters went in and were wrapped in a carbon fiber wrap.  Product was carefully placed in the display cases, and then around the shop because they carry a lot of stuff.
The outside has been painted gray and yellow, and they got themselves a big Duramax Silverado which hangs out in front of the shop.  You can’t really miss the building, nor can you miss the big diesel pickup with Nip N Tuck stickers, carbon fiber trim and “NIPNTUK” license plates.
In the shop itself were some serious projects: the 700AWHP Evo we showed you, a blue SRT4 with a massive rotated mount turbo kit and a fuel system where the trunk used to be, and a 4AGE swapped Toyota Corona.
So to sum up: Nip N Tuck is different because the building has been painted and the show room has been given counters; however, it’s the same because they can build you a serious car while fixing all the problems on your mom’s Camry.


Words and photos by Michael Chandler, Video by Trent Bray

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